Becoming a Restoration Business Owner

Who Me? Yes You! – Becoming a Restoration Business Owner

In today’s world, more people are realizing that true joy and happiness comes from helping others. Restoring a family’s home that’s been damaged by catastrophe, whether natural or otherwise, is an important avenue to making the world a better place. Ask any family whose home has been all but destroyed by flooding or storms or fire damage.

Restoration 1 franchise owners have the pride and satisfaction of knowing that each home or business they bring back from the brink of ruin has a positive impact on the lives affected. Whether it’s a family that gets to return to their home or the owners and employees dependent on a business, restoration of the property brings a sense of hope and optimism.

High Margin, Recession Resistant Business

Investing in any business can be risky, so when you’re an entrepreneur looking to start a business in a time when economic uncertainties are prevalent, you want to go with one in which your investment will give you great returns and weather any tumultuous financial winds. This is yet another reason to consider becoming a Restoration 1 business owner.

The restoration business is recession-proof. Storms don’t disappear when the economy tanks. Flood waters don’t hold back when the financial tides turn. Fire damage isn’t dependent on economic health. No matter when these things happen to homeowners and business owners, they need the services of a reputable, trustworthy restoration service. As a home-based business with low overhead and no inventory to maintain, Restoration 1 is the efficient, effective service they need.

People make huge investments in their homes and businesses. When disaster strikes – storms, fire, flooding – it’s not likely that people will throw up their hands and walk away from their property. What they need at these times is a company that will come in and clean up the damage, so they can move on. You could be the one who comes to their aid. Restoration 1 restores more than just physical property. We restore hope in the future.

A Rising Star Franchise

Property damage due to mold, fire and water is a constant, thanks to severe weather, aging infrastructure and contemporary building practices on new homes and properties. Restoration 1 has a stellar reputation of being a company that is trustworthy and is an industry leader in restoring damaged properties. In fact, Restoration 1 was ranked in the top third on the Franchise 500 list in Entrepreneur, a magazine that publishes a list of the best franchise systems in which to invest.

Ranking on this list for the third year in a row is great; however, ranking at 132, up 227 spots from the first year, is impressive and says volumes about the company. Our franchisee-centric culture, led by CEO Gary Findley, is an exemplary testimony to Restoration 1’s commitment to franchise owners and their commitment to the communities they serve.

As I evaluated business ownership opportunities, these points were important me. I looked at several businesses: home care for the elderly, coaching business owners, and retail opportunities in coffee and women’s lashes. Restoration 1 attracted me because of potential for customer impact and satisfaction, business growth, and excellent leadership and support. Yes – you CAN be a business owner in restoration!

About The Author

David Tynes is the general manager of Restoration of Greater Minneapolis. David has years of experience in home and commercial restoration, and he is certified as a restoration professional by the IICRC.