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Ways to Disinfect and Sanitize Every Room in Your House

With the current COVID-19 pandemic, regular cleaning and disinfecting of your home are integral for keeping a safe level and maintaining a healthy home. Individual-to-individual transmission of the coronavirus poses a significant risk than surface-to-surface transmission. Therefore, the CDC (Centers for Disease Control) recommends frequent cleaning, disinfecting, and sanitizing of high-touch surfaces daily, regardless of […]

Can Water Damage Cause a Fire? | Restoration 1 Minneapolis

Have floodwaters, a washing machine leakage, or a storm caused water damage in your home? Water damage not only causes health problems like mold growth, but it can also be outright dangerous. One of the issues water damage can lead to is a fire. In this blog post, we look at the dangers of water […]

Dangers of Smoke and Soot to Your Health | Restoration 1

Dangers of Smoke and Soot to Your Health As the old saying goes, where there is smoke there is fire. Everyone is well-aware of the effects a fire can have on a home or other structure, but very few people consider the effects of the smoke and soot created by the fire. While the flames […]

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Mold Exposure Symptoms And Prevention

The presence of home mold is more than unsightly. The word mold alone is enough to send chills down homeowners’ spines. The slimy black spots found on shower curtains, the kitchen drain, the basement floor, and other damp areas around your house can put the people living there at risk of developing respiratory complications, especially […]

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5 Dangers of Basement Mold

Your basement offers the ideal breeding ground for mold. Why? Many basements have poor ventilation and high humidity. The relative humidity is higher because it is underground. Any basement is susceptible, and it’s essential to have the area assessed, tested, and cleaned properly. When left to spread or when disturbed by improper cleaning methods, mold […]

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How To Prepare Your Greater Minneapolis Business For Flash Floods

Most can agree that 2020 has seen its fair share of business and lifestyle interruptions, so make sure you’re prepared for this year’s hurricane season so that your Greater Minneapolis business isn’t faced with a flash-flood disaster as well. Damage from flooding can leave you with lost assets, building damage, and more, all while facing […]

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Tips to Reopen Your Business after a Natural Disaster

Planning for natural disasters can be an impossible task. A flood, wildfire, or tornado can strike when you least expect it. Burst water pipes or sewer line breaks can be catastrophic. Water damage can seem impossible to overcome. That’s why Restoration 1 of Greater Minneapolis is available 24/7. Be Smart and Plan Ahead A natural disaster in […]

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Rebuilding After Fire Damage

If your home or commercial property has been damaged in a fire, you will likely want to move on to normal life as quickly as possible. There is no doubt that an out-of-control blaze can destroy more than the physical features of a property. Restoring the property can help you begin to heal from everything […]

What Happens During The Fire Damage Restoration Process

Damage caused by a fire can be vast – that goes without saying. However, there are many levels to fire damage that most of us aren’t even aware of. There is structural damage, an overwhelming smoke and soot odor, damage to belongings, and water damage from extinguishing the fire. Let’s take a look at a few […]

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Professionally Disinfect and Sanitize Your Home or Business

The pandemic has changed the game when it comes to sanitizing and disinfecting. While cleanliness has always been crucial for protecting the spread of germs and illness, it is now more important than ever. Whether you want a one-time thorough cleaning for your home or ongoing sanitization for your business, Restoration 1 of Minneapolis has […]