5 Reasons Why Mold Remediation Should Be Handled by Professionals

A major problem with mold infestation in Greater Minneapolis is not knowing you have one. Mold remediation specialists can locate hidden mold in your home. They have the equipment to detect moisture, assess air quality, inspect out-of-reach areas, and quarantine mold spores. Plus, they safely remove the mold and more than likely prevent it from […]

How Restoration 1 of Greater Minneapolis is Tackling COVID 19

Within our line of work, the safety of our clients and our team has always been a top priority at Restoration 1. As a company, we will to continue to focus on staying safe and healthy. Here’s how Restoration 1 is continuing and increasing various safety precautions to protect our teams and customers: How We […]

DIY Mold Removal vs. Professional Mold Remediation

Many people believe they can perform mold remediation in Greater Minneapolis on their own. However, a substantial amount of mold damage removal requires expert knowledge and professional equipment.The most common household cleaners for removing mold are bleach, hydrogen peroxide, and detergent. However, it takes professional-grade, EPA-approved biocides for mold remediation to be effective.  There are over 300,000 […]

Who Should You Call for Sewage Backup and Overflow in St. Paul? | Restoration 1of Greater Minneapolis

A burst pipe is one thing, but a sewage backup is an unfortunate event that will ruin your entire week and then some. Not only must you face water damage and the risk of mold growth, but there’s the contamination of raw sewage.You should not clean up a sewage backup yourself. The raw sewage contains harmful bacteria, […]

What to Do When Your Edina Home Has a Broken Pipe | Restoration 1 of Greater Minneapolis

A plumbing accident, such as a burst pipe, will leave behind an enormous burden. Besides the apparent standing water now filling your bathroom, there’s the issue of mold to contend with. Within 48 hours, black mold will surely grow in between the tiles or underneath the bathroom cabinet. A broken pipe is a disaster.To appropriately deal […]

Holiday Feast in Bloomington | Cooking Fire Safety Tips

You’ve got a turkey in the oven, mashed potatoes on the stove, and children underfoot. The holiday season is a time of both chaos and immense joy, but also a time for fire damage. According to the NFPA, December 25th is the second-worst day for cooking-related fires.The thing about most cooking fires is, they’re avoidable. […]

When Is It Necessary for St. Paul Residents to Call an Emergency Services Professional? | Restoration 1 of Greater Minneapolis

There are a number of situations that would require hiring an emergency restoration service team in your area. These emergencies may include flood damage, fire damage, sewage backups or a burst pipe. You want to find the right emergency service professionals, but you’re also on the clock.For St. Paul residents, knowing who and when to call in […]

How to Clean Sewer Water Damage in Your Bloomington Home | Restoration 1 of Greater Minneapolis

What most people don’t know about water damage restoration in Bloomington is that it can be broken down into three categories. These categories range from clean water to black water damage. Black water is the most severe and can contain harmful bacteria, viruses and parasites due to its source. Frequently, black water damage is caused by a […]

Minneapolis Homeowners Need These Fire Safety Tips and Tricks During the Holidays

Today’s holiday season is busy with festivities, good food and memories with friends and family. It’s a time to be joyous and not to worry about fire damage or smoke odors. The reality is, house fires are more common during the holidays. We’re all at ease and overlook common fire hazards around the home. We’ve compiled a […]

Commercial Fire & Smoke Damage Restoration Services

Whether you’re a small business owner or run a multi-state corporation, dealing with commercial property damage can take quite a toll on both you and your enterprise. Most commercial property owners are unprepared for a disaster. We never expect fire or flood to happen to us. It does, though. When it does, knowing who to call and […]