Celebrating 20 Years of Community Restoration

Transformative Restoration: Restoring a Community Restoring the integrity of a water damaged home takes hard work and a lot of sweat. As posted last month, there is a great deal of satisfaction in a job well done. The home that is restored is of course part of a broader community. Many communities in Minneapolis need restoration that […]

Becoming a Restoration Business Owner

Who Me? Yes You! – Becoming a Restoration Business Owner In today’s world, more people are realizing that true joy and happiness comes from helping others. Restoring a family’s home that’s been damaged by catastrophe, whether natural or otherwise, is an important avenue to making the world a better place. Ask any family whose home […]

Are You Having a Maddening Mold Nightmare?

Mold does not just spring up out of nowhere, targeting its victims by unleashing an army of spores. If you discover mold in your home there is always a source, which is usually moisture or food debris that has found its way under or behind cabinets and kitchen equipment. Unfortunately, that means you may not […]

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