Can Water Damage Cause a Fire? | Restoration 1 Minneapolis

Have floodwaters, a washing machine leakage, or a storm caused water damage in your home?

Water damage not only causes health problems like mold growth, but it can also be outright dangerous. One of the issues water damage can lead to is a fire.

In this blog post, we look at the dangers of water damage, how water damage can cause electrical and other fires, what to do to prevent a fire in the home, and how restoration services can help.

Dangers of Water Damage to Your Home Electrical System

Water damage causes corrosion in electrical systems and creates resistance, resulting in electrical circuits overheating. This damage is incremental and results in the conductors getting so hot that they ignite the affected areas and surrounding fixtures and fittings such as furniture and drapes.

Other problems, including electrocution, shock, or electrical fires, can also arise due to water damage, which can be fatal to a property’s occupants.

Additionally, the unpleasant consequences of flood damage and other water sources such as burst pipes and sump pump failure include unsanitary black water. This standing water could contain other harmful substances like chemicals, fuels, solvents, sewage, and debris that could start a fire if they get heated.

What to Do When the Electrical Outlet Gets Wet?

You can take several actions to prevent fire in the home when an electrical outlet gets wet.

These include:

·Immediately disconnect your main electrical panel to stop the flow of electricity into your home.

Get a qualified electrical contractor in as soon as possible to determine if your home’s electrical system and appliances are safe for continued use. This caution is not only important for your health and safety but necessary to meeting your homeowner insurance terms and conditions.

·Get a qualified electrician to replace exposed electrical outlets, cables, or appliances to ensure that whatever you’re left using is safe and uncorrupted. For wires, it is mandatory to replace rather than repair, especially if you have an NM-B dry-condition cable. For outlets, replace existing outlets with GFCI (ground fault circuit interrupter) outlets that immediately trip if they detect an electrical imbalance.

·Deactivate and unplug electrical appliances, such as dishwashers, stoves, air conditioning units, and washing machines, until you have a professional examine their condition and determine whether they need replacement or repair.

Prevent Fire After Water Damage, Call the Experts!

Preventing a fire after water damage is critical to the health and safety of your family.

Restoration 1 has local water damage restoration experts that can help you limit the damage, quickly getting it under control and preventing unsafe living conditions and future expensive repairs.

Our restoration technicians are IICRC and IAQA certified, fully insured, and licensed to carry out water damage restoration. They work quickly and efficiently to limit the damage, treating your home with the respect it deserves and leaving you with total peace of mind.

If you have water damage in Greater Minneapolis and need water damage repair, contact us online or call 612-268-5789 today to discuss your needs.