mold damage st louis park

How To Prevent Mold Growth In A Basement

Though it may seem that mold is just a nuisance that can appear in your home, it actually proves to be a very dangerous presence. It can take over a person’s life if not adequately eliminated. It can be destructive on the property, as well as cause harm to a person’s health.  Unfortunately, mold can […]

Mold Damage on floor of home in St Louis Park

How To Check For Mold Damage In Your Home

There is mold all over; inside, outside, and on nearly every surface you can think of. Mold is a species of fungus that develops from microscopic spores that float in the atmosphere – the very air we breathe. Mold can grow and flourish practically everywhere that spores may land if they find moisture and the […]

mold damage st louis park

Unexpected Areas Mold Can Hide In Your Property

Mold is something we all expect to find in moist and dark areas of our households, such as attics, crawl spaces, or basements. However, there is plenty of other places mold may be growing in your home that you may not be aware of unless you do some searching.  Mold Damage In St. Louis Park Mold will […]

Does Water Damage Always Cause Mold in Minneapolis?

If you live in Minneapolis, you might understand how weather changes can be damaging to your properties. The winters are snowy, while the summers are hot and humid. With that said, as a property owner, there is a chance you might have experienced a flooded house at least once. While a flood on a property is […]

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Mold Exposure Symptoms And Prevention

The presence of home mold is more than unsightly. The word mold alone is enough to send chills down homeowners’ spines. The slimy black spots found on shower curtains, the kitchen drain, the basement floor, and other damp areas around your house can put the people living there at risk of developing respiratory complications, especially […]

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5 Dangers of Basement Mold

Your basement offers the ideal breeding ground for mold. Why? Many basements have poor ventilation and high humidity. The relative humidity is higher because it is underground. Any basement is susceptible, and it’s essential to have the area assessed, tested, and cleaned properly. When left to spread or when disturbed by improper cleaning methods, mold […]