Differences Between Gray Water and Black Water in MN

A lot of water damage is relatively simple to clean. It stems from a freshwater pipe or rainwater leaking through the roof—annoyances, to be sure, but totally possible to clean.

Then, you have worsening water damage —contaminated water that soaks into your home. This type of water damage, which is generally gray or black water, can be quite dangerous to deal with alone. Of course, one is worse than the other.

When it comes to your health, messing with either is never ideal. It is a good idea to let a water damage restoration professional handle the mess.

Gray Water Damage

Gray water damage is slightly contaminated. It typically stems from clean water damage that has been sitting for too long or from a dishwasher drain, washing machine, or even an aquarium spill inside your home. Due to the level of contamination, you definitely don’t want to consume or reuse the water in any capacity.

While certainly not the most harmful thing, gray water damage can still adversely affect your health by causing infections or some minor illnesses. Within 48 hours, however, gray water will wind up as black water damage. Then, you’ve got a problem.

Black Water Damage

Another type of water damage is the dreaded black water damage . This form of water damage is highly contaminated and stems from floodwater or sewage backups within the home. As we said before, black water may also stem from gray water sitting for too long.

The reason why black water is considered so dangerous is because of the numerous bacteria, viruses, parasites, and mold species that come from the mess. These, as we all know, are harmful to your health.

Such contaminants have been found to cause serious infections and illnesses, including gastroenteritis, Legionnaire’s disease, Hepatitis, and even norovirus.

Remember that any object touched by the black water damage needs to be cleaned and sanitized as soon as possible. Due to the high level of contamination and health risks, your best option is to always hire certified water damage restoration technicians.

Otherwise, the mess will fester, dry, and cause airborne contamination alongside the waterborne contamination.

Hire the Experts

When it comes to dealing with gray or black water damage, both of which can cause illness, having the right training and equipment can make a world of difference.

Before long, you’ll find that the water damage has worsened and you’re starting to get sick yourself. It’s okay to take a step back and look for a suitable solution. You shouldn’t be in that position in the first place.

Let the IICRC certified restoration experts at Restoration 1 of Greater Minneapolis deal with the contamination! We implement a step-by-step process where we first clean the standing water, and then thoroughly dry the area to make it safe for you.

We are well equipped, highly trained, and know the safest techniques to eliminate black water damage and its ensuing contamination. Count on us to quickly answer your call and take prompt action to resolve your problem.

For 24-hour water damage restoration, please call Restoration 1 of Greater Minneapolis at 612-268-1961!

About The Author

David Tynes is the general manager of Restoration of Greater Minneapolis. David has years of experience in home and commercial restoration, and he is certified as a restoration professional by the IICRC.