How Much Could Water Damage From an Appliance Leak Cost?

Dealing with water damage of any kind can be stressful. Appliance leaks can have a much more widespread impact than many think. In a split-second, when you’re not there to see it, the water can go everywhere! With water damage, the key to minimizing the destruction is to act quickly, before it has time to set in. The cost of repairing any damage that was not caught in time will vary, but HomeAdvisor has provided some national averages on what you can expect to pay for various repairs in your home after a major water damage incident.

Ruined Drywall

Unfortunately, several inches to a foot of water or more that sits for several hours is going to have an impact on the drywall around it. The drywall absorbs the water and slowly begins to break down, or takes on an undesirable texture that you do not want in your home. There is also paper backing to drywall, and when it’s affected, it can become the ultimate place for a mold infestation to start to grow – that’s a worst-case scenario after an already stressful ordeal. The range for drywall repair will depend on how much you need, and can be anywhere from $250–$750, the average cost being around $500 for a significant case.

Saturated Ceilings

If you have your washing machine and dryer upstairs and you suffer a major leak, you are now not only looking at drywall replacement, but ceiling replacement as well. That’s something no one wants, but it happens. In an instance of a leak like that, the water has soaked and fallen through the ceiling and the walls on potentially multiple levels, depending on the amount of water. Expect to pay around $45–$55 per square foot for water damaged ceilings.


When you think about an appliance leak, your first assumption might be that the flooring is going to be affected most. You would be correct in thinking that – and if you are lucky enough, the water will not be leaking out of your machine at too rapid a rate. But even if it’s only a small amount of water, if you leave your home for several hours, that can be a detriment to your flooring if the appliance is near carpeting or is on hardwoods.

Hardwood flooring is practically guaranteed for a lifetime, but it has one major weakness: water. Many contractors nationwide know better than to put an appliance that uses water over hardwoods, but many homes do not follow that plan, and have hardwoods in the kitchen under a dishwasher, for example. The exact cost of replacing flooring will vary, but ranges from $200–$500.

We Will Handle Your Water Damage

At Restoration 1 of Greater Minneapolis, water damage cleanup and repair is second nature to us. We know that if you have never experienced it before, it can be scary, but trust us: appliance leak damage is reversible. Call us whenever you need us, 24/7, at 612-200-2302. We offer emergency services as well when things occur unexpectedly, and we pride ourselves on being affordable.

About The Author

David Tynes is the general manager of Restoration of Greater Minneapolis. David has years of experience in home and commercial restoration, and he is certified as a restoration professional by the IICRC.