How to Clean Up Sewage Water

Sewage water poses serious threats, including a high risk of disease and contamination. Additionally, the risk of electrocution and explosions increases dramatically if a sewage backup comes in contact with a business or home.

Because the situation is so serious, Restoration 1 of Greater Minneapolis recommends leaving the sewage cleanup process to professionals. You don’t want to risk the safety of your family, and only experts have the knowledge and equipment to properly tackle sewage water.

Here’s how professionals will address a sewage overflow in a safe, timely manner.

Step 1: Remove the Water

First things first: the water needs to go. Professionals will drain the flood waters from the home, either with natural methods or with intense pumps. Because sewage can contain debris as well, they made need to remove other materials that have infiltrated the home.

Step 2: Sanitize the Floors, Walls, and Surfaces

Sewage water can contain a multitude of diseases and bacteria. Therefore, the entire affected area will need to be sanitized to prevent the risk of infection. Additionally, this cleaning process will ensure that mold growth doesn’t follow in the footsteps of water damage.

Step 3: Address All Contaminated Belongings

Furniture, wallpaper, clothing, rugs, and other items that have come in contact with the sewage water may need to be disposed of if they cannot be completely cleaned. Restoration experts will examine the extent of the damage and help determine what can be saved and what must be thrown away.

Step 4: Dry Out the Area With Fans

Lastly, the professionals will air the area out to prevent mold from growing. They may do this by opening windows and setting up small fans if the situation isn’t too serious. In more severe circumstances, they’ll bring in heavy-duty dryers to suck up the moisture.

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About The Author

David Tynes is the general manager of Restoration of Greater Minneapolis. David has years of experience in home and commercial restoration, and he is certified as a restoration professional by the IICRC.