How To Prevent Water Damage During The Wet Spring Weather

water damage company near edinaAs the seasons move from winter to spring, we might be looking forward to finally having warmer weather. But with the change in seasons comes the melting of snow and ice, leading to slush, considerable puddles in the roads, and backed-up storm drains. No one wants to deal with any water damage in their house as the world outside melts. Here are some ways to keep your house safe while everything else thaws.

Keep An Eye On Your Rain Gutters

If your rain gutters are clogged, snow melting on your roof will not have anywhere to drain. This can put extra strain on your gutters, making them more likely to break. It can also cause melting snow to flow into crevices of your roof and stay there, which can cause damage to your roof and put you at risk for flooding. Ensure your rain gutters are draining correctly to prevent your roof from damage.

Repair Damaged Shingles As Soon As Possible

Winter is hard on houses. If any shingles have blown off or become damaged during the winter months, do not wait until next winter to repair or replace them. You are not out of the water yet, so make sure they get repaired as soon as possible to prevent water from rain or melting snow from leaking into your house.

Cover Window Wells With Plastic Covers

Basements seem to be the most at risk when it comes to flooding in your home as rain and snow try to drain downward. By keeping your window wells covered with plastic covers or tarps, you can prevent rainwater or melting snow from filling them up. This will keep the windows safe from damage which can cause them to leak. It can also protect the foundation of your home from becoming damaged as water builds up and puts pressure on it. 

Watch Out For Cracks In Your Home’s Foundation

Speaking of the foundation of your home, an important thing to do to keep your house safe is to ensure the foundation is intact. Make sure that no cracks or holes are forming in it. If there is any damage and you do not repair it immediately, it could put you at risk of flooding and could worsen the damage, which would be harder to fix. Fill in any cracks and holes in your foundation immediately to keep your home safe.

Make Sure Your Sump Pump Is Always Working 

When was the last time you made sure your sump pump was working properly? Sump pumps can keep track of how much water is under your home and prevent it from settling and damaging your home’s foundation. Checking it regularly can help prevent flooding and water damage from occurring in your home. As water builds up during the early spring months, you must ensure that your pump is doing its job and keeping your home safe.

Water Damage Company Near Edina

Even after taking these precautions, there’s still the chance that water might find its way into your home. If you find water damage in your Edina home, make sure you call Restoration 1 of Greater Minneapolis to help you. They can get the damage repaired and cleaned up, so you do not have to worry about it.