Rebuilding After Fire Damage

fire damage restoration

If your home or commercial property has been damaged in a fire, you will likely want to move on to normal life as quickly as possible. There is no doubt that an out-of-control blaze can destroy more than the physical features of a property. Restoring the property can help you begin to heal from everything that you have lost.

While you may be eager to start again by expediting the process of rebuilding, it is important not to cut corners when it comes to fire damage restorations. There are both health and structural problems to consider when dealing with the aftermath of repairs to your property. 

Fire Damaged Components

Any components in your home, such as fixtures and electrics should be thoroughly inspected. If these components are unsalvageable, removal and replacement is the only option. The alternative is risking another fire that could completely ravage the property and put lives at risk. 

Other health risks may exist depending on the materials used in certain components. Fire can cause the release of toxic substances long after the smoke has cleared. A company that specializes in fire damage restoration can provide professional services to determine if any components are compromised.

Structural Features

Flooring, walls, ceilings, and all other structures within the property must be inspected both internally and externally for damage. Where cleaning and repairs are appropriate, the structure can be saved. Unfortunately, fire often damages structures to a point where they completely lose integrity. In this case, the structure is replaced in either section or in its entirety. 

The object is to make the property safe and inhabitable without the need for unnecessary costs. Fire damage restoration specialists focus on cleaning and repairing salvageable components and structures before suggesting a replacement. 

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