Surprising Places In Your Home That Might Have Mold Growth

We all know basic facts about mold and mold growth. Your knowledge probably dates back into your elementary school science days, but now, as a homeowner, mold is far less interesting. In fact, it is concerning due to the health risks of long-term mold exposure for you and your family. If you have stumbled across mold in your home and are unsure of where it came from, you should know that there are surprisingly less “conventional” places that you could experience a mold outbreak, as reported by House Logic. Remember that your local Restoration 1 of Greater Minneapolis is available whenever you need expert mold remediation services.

Refrigerator Drip Pans

You likely don’t think about it often, but it makes perfect sense that mold has practically the perfect environment to grow and thrive in your refrigerator’s drip pan. It collects liquid and food that spills and sits for an indefinite amount of time. When we clean our fridge, it is typically limited to throwing away old food or cleaning the smudges off the outside, so the drip pan is left untouched. When you are cleaning your kitchen next time, don’t forget about this spot.

Front-Loading Washing Machines

Due to their design, front-loading washing machines are more prone to mold growth. We often open the door to move clothes over to the dryer and close the door right away while the moisture is fresh. According to House Logic, there is a gasket around the door that takes a while to properly dry and can latch onto pieces of lint and other leftover debris. If this is the type of washing machine you have, it is recommended that you leave the door open a little while after a load to give it some time to dry out.

Air Conditioning Units

Your air conditioning unit can grow mold very easily in the summertime. If this occurs, you’ve got a job for professionals like the remediation team at Restoration 1. The most important step you can take to prevent mold in your AC, according to House Logic, is to run the unit for a minimum of 10 minutes every day to keep the humidity in your home low and comfortable.

We Are There When You Need Us

At Restoration 1 of Greater Minneapolis, we are available 24/7 if you have any concerns about a potential mold problem in your home. We want you to be ahead of the game regarding mold growth. You can reach us at 612-200-2302 or schedule service online. We serve Minneapolis and the surrounding cities and are happy to answer any questions regarding mold.

About The Author

David Tynes is the general manager of Restoration of Greater Minneapolis. David has years of experience in home and commercial restoration, and he is certified as a restoration professional by the IICRC.