What Happens If You Ignore Water Damage in Minneapolis

water leak on the floor

Water damage can be a big problem for homeowners. It’s important not to ignore the signs of water-soaked carpets, ceilings, and other parts of your home in Minneapolis because you could end up with structural issues that will cost more money down the line!

Restoration 1 of Greater Minneapolis knows that you want to avoid costly repairs and health problems due to structural issues, so we are here to minimize such damages. Remember it is important to fix any water leaks before they cause more serious problems like respiratory difficulties or mold growth in your house! When you see warning signs like unpleasant odors, standing water, or a small leak and are looking for help to resolve structural damage to your plumbing system – reach out to our team today!

What Are The Signs 0f Water Damage?

You’ll usually spot flood damage by sighting dark and wet spots on your walls. However, sometimes watermarks and discolorations on our ceiling and inner or outer walls could be.

Flaking, bubbling, and cracking walls could also be a sign of water damage. So if you notice your home’s drywalls starting to flake and crack, something may be seriously wrong.

Additionally, the sound of running water could also be an indication of water damage. You may hear water constantly dripping or running in the background, even if it is not visible.

Finally, a musty, damp, or moldy smell in your home is always a strong indicator of water damage. The odor comes from mold colonization and growth.

What Are the Consequences of Unchecked Flood Damage?

It is best to work with a restoration company as soon as possible to obtain a free estimate and ensure the damage in your home is identified and contained. If ignored, flood damage could lead to more severe damage in your home:

Greater Microbial Growth: If left unattended, you will notice issues of discoloration that result from mold and mildew growth.

Greater Repair Costs: Repair costs stemming from water leaks or other plumbing problems such as an overflowing bath can lead to more damage in other home areas.

Let’s look at the various problems that can take place if you ignore water or leave water damage to linger in the average home.

Growth of Mildew and Mold

Flood and water damage cause dampness in the home. Damp environments are the perfect spots for the growth of mildew and mold. Mold is capable of causing health problems if not taken care of as soon as possible. Some health problems caused by mold include respiratory issues such as asthma and skin issues such as eczema.

Musty Odors

Flood damage could cause unpleasant smells to infiltrate your home. These types of smells are hard to cover because they’re coming straight from the walls, floors, or other fixtures in the house where there’s mold or mildew. Air fresheners are only a temporary solution to these types of smells. To remove moldy smells permanently, you’ll have to take care of the source of water damage to your home.

Structural Damage

When ignored, flood or water damage can cause large cracks in your walls or your foundation. These cracks will compromise your home’s structural integrity, and these types of damages could cost a lot of money to fix.

Electrical Damage

If water damage is not cleaned up as soon as possible, it could lead to further damage, such as electrical damage. This damage is a threat to life and must be quickly addressed.

Stains on Walls, Floors, And Ceilings

Flood damage, if left ignored, could cause visible stains on the walls and ceilings. This could be unsightly, and the stains can expand quickly if left ignored. In addition, ignoring stains on the wall would cost more money to fix in the long run.

Unseen Damage

If your home has been recently flooded, you may want to have professionals thoroughly check out the damage immediately. Unfortunately, sometimes these damages could occur in hidden places, and you may not find them until it’s too late.

Difficulty with Insurance Providers and High Water Bills

An ignored leak in your home can cause a lot of water wastage which also causes your water bills to increase. Ignoring water damage for too long might also make your insurance provider hesitant to pay for all the damage that could have been avoided if the issue had been addressed earlier.

The cost of fixing water damage could go pretty high if left ignored for too long. You should always hire a professional for any water-related repairs because they are experienced and have all the suitable equipment to ensure your water damage issues are fixed as soon as possible. If you’re having water damage issues, call our professionals in Greater Minneapolis!

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We will find the sources of the leaks, minimize the risk, and ensure that it does not become a bigger problem.

Our goal is to help you stay safe in the short term and over the long term as we use our knowledge, expertise, and overall expertise to preserve the integrity of your property. Reach out to us for issues with pipes and even appliances within the home.

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