What to Do After a Commercial Fire in Minneapolis, MN

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Fires typically destroy many businesses in the United States, even fire-prepared companies. It is challenging to manage the outcome of a business fire outbreak. It’s even tougher to manage the chaos when it affects your workstation, workers, and monetary security.

Knowing what action to take after your commercial property catches fire is vital. Below, we explore commercial fire damage in Minneapolis, MN, and the importance of hiring professionals for your commercial property restoration.

What to do After a Commercial Fire Outbreak

After a fire outbreak, the most vital thing to do is remain calm. The fire scene will be disastrous, but a quiet head will aid you and your fellow employees in managing the unpredictable fire occurrence.

You also need to ensure that animals or people on the property are secure before worrying about property damage. In addition, it is vital to avoid entering the building until the firefighters declare it safe.

Furthermore, there will be a lot of tasks to perform when your commercial catches fire. To avoid becoming devastated, you will need to utilize your disaster preparedness, and business progression plans to perform specific functions concerning your business. The following are vital things you need to do after a commercial fire outbreak.

Have a Notebook for Documentation

It is vital to note down each person you communicate with, their contact details, and information concerning your conversations. In addition, you need to record all of the costs incurred in the fire’s aftermath and keep all of your receipts.

Take Photos

Before you start restoration on your fire-damaged property, it is essential to photograph the damage caused, as this will be key in insurance claims and police investigation concerning the cause of the fire outbreak.

Contact Your Insurance Provider Immediately

It is vital to contact your insurance policy provider swiftly after a fire outbreak on your commercial property so they can quickly assist you with your insurance claim. In addition, you will need to give them the exact timeframe in which the fire incident occurred, a complete fire report, and other details showing the property damage and the repairs needed.

Turn Off All Utilities

Typically, a fire outbreak will cause damage to many utilities in your properties, including wiring and plumbing. You must switch off all water pumps and electricity on the commercial property.

However, it would help if you carefully restored utilities after fire damage. You need to hire a skillful technician to thoroughly inspect the commercial property and check its integrity before you turn the gas, water, or gas on.

Evaluate Structural Safety

Fire restoration efforts usually damage the property’s roofing, floors, and walls, which can be dangerous. The heat produced by the fire also caused extensive damage to the interior and exterior of the property. Hiring a licensed restoration company will ensure that the structural safety of your building is not compromised.

Securing Commercial Property

Typically fire-damaged property is usually a target for thieves. The extent of the fire damage will determine what you need to do with your windows, roofs, and doors. Cover all the building openings with tarps to prevent rain damage. Furthermore, it would help if you considered hiring security to secure your property.

Retrieving valuable items

It would be best to cautiously enter a fire-damaged building after the fire department declares it safe; afterward, you can retrieve your valuable items such as cash, vital records, and documents.

In addition, during retrieval, it is best to take note of the things destroyed by fire. However, you must wear protective clothing while retrieving smoke-damaged items because soot may contain harmful toxins.

Benefits of Hiring a Professional for Commercial Property Restoration

The following are some advantages of hiring a professional property restoration company after a fire outbreak:

  • Swift response
  • They have the necessary tools and equipment.
  • They have experience in restoration with a professional skilled task force.
  • They help you deal with insurance companies, especially concerning the claims process.
  • They aid in minimizing losses on your commercial property.
  • They offer 24/7 emergency services.

Contact the Commercial Fire Restoration Specialists in Minneapolis, MN

When you lose your business property in a fire, it can be challenging to know precisely what has happened and how to best take action.

Each passing day will count as you try to fill out lengthy paperwork, evaluate the damage, and figure out the timeframe for when your business will resume.

You must take significant steps by hiring professional restoration services to prevent further damage and ensure your business will run again in a short period.

At Restoration 1 of Greater Minneapolis, we offer you 24/7 services and will swiftly get to work restoring your property. We’ll guide you throughout the process until your commercial property is converted back to normal. Contact us at 612-255-1444 to get started.