What To Do With Sewage Leak Under Your House in Minneapolis

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Sewage leaks in your house can happen suddenly and create an awful atmosphere. Your biggest concern won’t be the terrible smell permeating the air but the health risks associated with the sewage leak. Ignoring sewage leaks on your main sewer line can lead to disastrous effects and, ultimately, higher repair costs and higher water bills. Time is of the essence.

Unlike hidden sewer leaks, broken sewer pipe signs are easy to notice. Below, we define a sewage leak and show you what to do with a damaged sewer system under your house in Minneapolis.

What is a Sewage Leak?

A sewer leak is an overflow or spillage from your house or property from your sewer line system, wastewater treatment plant, or septic tank. A damaged sewer pipe can release an odor that can make people uncomfortable staying or even visiting your home. Sewage leak usually emits sewer gas, chemicals, and pathogens. As well as being health hazards, these issues can damage your residential property.

Signs of Sewage Leak under your House


Awful smells are usually the first sign of a leaking sewer pipe on your property. Odors might smell like rotten eggs, typical of hydrogen sulfide. If you have been experiencing constant sewer issues, you will easily notice this smell. The smell of rotten eggs in your house indicates that mold is present. This organism usually grows from leaky cast iron sewer pipes.


Pests are usually present in the wet areas, for instance, in stagnant water pools. Sewage flooded crawl spaces typically have increased pests such as centipedes, cockroaches, rats, and flies. In addition, when the leak is severe on cast iron sewer pipe, you will notice an increased number of rodents.

Dumpy Surfaces and Floors

Sewer lines twist and turn on your property, so your house will have moist floors when leaking sewer lines are present. However, when you observe your floors are dumpy, do not wipe them off immediately but carry out a thorough investigation to check if leaky sewer pipes are present. When moist floors caused by sewage are left unattended, it will lead to mold growth.

High Water Bills

An unusual increase in water bills in your house is a potential sign of sewage issues in your home. While water bills often fluctuate depending on usage, a sudden sharp increase should alert you to the possibility of sewage spills.

Patches On Your Lawn

House sewage systems are usually located underground. When there is a sewage leak, your lawns will become unusually wet. Excess water will soak up the soil and create damp patches on your property. It is vital to check the lawns to detect sewer spills or leaks.

Ways to Clean Sewage Spills Under Your House

Sewage releases toxic fumes and pathogens, hence being cautious when handling it. Direct contact should be avoided by wearing protective clothing. The following are ways to clean sewage spills under your house.

Secure and Repair Sewage Crawl Space

It would help if you secured the leaking crawl space sewage area to prevent kids or pets from straying inside. Once you do that, you can identify and repair the damaged sewer drain pipes causing sewage leaks.

Remove Stained Water

Extract dirty water using a submersible pump to remove stagnant water and sewage on your crawl surface. However, small sewage spills can be removed by using a shop vac.

Erect drying equipment

Drying equipment should be installed, especially in wet environments, and plastic sheets previously erected to be removed to manage raw sewage odors.

Treat Crawl Space Soil

Another important measure is to treat the soil surrounding the sewage crawl area with lime. The lime application can help break down organic matter and prevent moisture build-up. Not to mention, lime will eradicate rodents and insects near the sewage line.

How Restoration 1 can help After a Sewage Leakage in your House?

Handling sewage on your own can be stressful. Using the right tools and their experience, restoration experts can help you:

  • Clean and remove contaminated items
  • Reduce water damage and restoration cost
  • Eradicate sewage and water in the proper way
  • Remove sewage spills and dry out the area.

Are you looking for Sewer Pipes Cleanup in Minneapolis? Contact us today!

Sewage leaks can cause you distress and make your home inhospitable. The resulting damage can cost you an arm and a leg in repairs and remediation. Watch out for signs such as stained walls, damp floors, and unusually higher water bills. Now that you know how to handle sewage leaks under your house take immediate action.

At Restoration 1 of Greater Minneapolis, we know how to restore homes damaged by sewage leaks or spills. Our professionals have years of experience and knowledge in handling sewage spills and removing molds, and we offer 24/7 services throughout Greater Minneapolis. Your property will receive exceptional care. Call us today at 612-255-1444 to schedule a sewage cleanup.