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A burst pipe is one thing, but a sewage backup is an unfortunate event that will ruin your entire week and then some. Not only must you face water damage and the risk of mold growth, but there’s the contamination of raw sewage.
You should not clean up a sewage backup yourself. The raw sewage contains harmful bacteria, viruses, parasites and germs of all types. Let the local restoration team handle the mess.

What Causes a Sewage Backup in Homes

Your plumbing system can be quite fickle. The complex network of pipes, designed to remove waste, can sometimes become clogged and back up into the bathroom. A sewage backup, even a minor one, may be caused by the following:

  • Clogging — The most common cause of a sewage backup is a clogged line. If every drain in your home is clogged, then it’s the sewer line that has a blockage. If it’s just the bathtub, for example, then just that drain is clogged.
  • Tree Roots — It is not uncommon for a nearby tree to grow into your pipes in search of moisture. When this happens, the roots soak in the water and waste and eventually grow large enough to cause a blockage and split the pipe further.
  • Damaged Lines — An old, damaged sewer line is bound to break, crack or collapse in time. When that happens, the waste and water will either escape into your yard or back up into your home’s drains.

Steps to Take After a Sewage Backup in Your St. Paul Home

A sewage backup may quickly and easily lead to disease, destruction if your home and property, and electrical malfunctions throughout. As such, immediate cleanup is a must. Even if you have experience with such a situation, it’s best to call a local restoration company for sewage cleanup.Their process involves:

  • Wet-vacuuming and removing all water and waste spillage
  • Mopping the floors and wiping down walls with disinfectant
  • Flushing out and disinfecting plumbing fixtures
  • Cleaning or removing wet carpet, drapes, and other fabrics
  • Repairing or removing damaged walls or coverings
  • Cleaning the air ducts

In the event of a sewage backup, please do not hesitate to call Restoration 1 of Greater Minneapolis. You can reach us 24/7 by calling 612-268-1961!

About The Author

David Tynes is the general manager of Restoration of Greater Minneapolis. David has years of experience in home and commercial restoration, and he is certified as a restoration professional by the IICRC.