Why Is It Wet Under My Sink? Tips From A Water Damage Company

water damage company near edinaPeople love living in Edina for its restaurants, retail therapy, coffee shops, and parks. Although the average Minnesota home is about $500k dollars now, the average residence here is almost 50 years old. So if you haven’t suffered a leak under your sink yet, it could soon be your turn.

Water Damage Company Near Edina

Shifting plumbing lines, worn-out connections, cracked PVC, or metal corrosion can all cause cracks in the plumbing lines beneath your sink, spilling water into the cabinet below. A rapid flood will damage the wood, sheetrock, and floors. If the leak was slow, it would also create the perfect environment for dangerous mold. 

Loose Nuts

Because the plumbing under your sink has both hot and cold water running through it, it’s normal for pipes to expand and contract. Over time, the connections that keep the piping together can become loose. 

Check the water supply lines and drain lines for this type of leakage. Once you locate the source of the leak, tighten the nuts with your hands (use pliers if necessary.) 

Clogs Cause Damage

Blockages can cause pressure to build up behind the blockage, potentially leading to structural damage. Corrosive substances like household chemicals can damage the actual pipe as it sits and waits to clear.

Worn-out Washers, Shut-Off Valves and P-Trap

​​When appliances are installed, a contractor places rubber sealant around any connections or areas like your dishwasher door to keep everything watertight. As your appliances age, the sealing can degrade and even break over time. If you’ve noticed condensation on your appliances or puddles near them, you may have a broken seal. 

Shut off valves can fail due to corrosion, sediment buildup, and wear and tear over time. Plastic plumbing parts typically last around 10 to 15 years. A slow leak could be from worn out gaskets or O rings.   

Under your sink, the P-trap is the curved part of the pipe that catches extra debris. Sink components in the sink drain trap can wear out, which may require you to either re-seal it with a plumber’s putty or replace the rubber gasket. If you smell sewer gas or see a puddle, tighten the coupling nuts and check the washers. If that doesn’t fix the leak, have a plumber clean out the P-trap.

Spray Nozzle Mishaps

Some parts of the Twin Cities have really hard water, and those minerals build up around the sink. A spray nozzle can get clogged or blocked, which can cause problems, leaks, or unexpected showers.  After cleaning with vinegar and an old toothbrush, look for loose connections between the stem, hose and nozzle.  Don’t spend more than a couple of hours working on it. If the condition is worse than that, just buy a replacement.

If You Have Water Damage in Edina 

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