Why You Need Emergency Restoration Services: A Water Damage Timeline

Water damage can come in many forms, from broken pipes and leaky appliances to flash floods and other natural disasters. While the damage caused by an extensive amount of water might be significantly more than the damage caused by a small leak, the reality is that you don’t want your home with stagnant water for a long time.

If your home or commercial property is damaged by standing water, it is important to take care of the problem immediately! As you will read in the infographic below, created by our experts at Restoration 1 of Greater Minneapolis, water damage can occur faster than you think.

Our team of professionals at Restoration 1 of Greater Minneapolis is ready to provide 24/7 restoration emergency services. Call us any time, day or night, and we will send one of our experienced team members to assess the damage and help you get back your peace of mind.

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About The Author

David Tynes is the general manager of Restoration of Greater Minneapolis. David has years of experience in home and commercial restoration, and he is certified as a restoration professional by the IICRC.