Will Professional Carpet Cleaning Remove Pet Odors in MN

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Although our paw babies mean a lot to us, raising them is undoubtedly challenging. The average family has one or more pets that live in and out of the house. Everywhere seems convenient enough for them to pee in the home. Sometimes, their choice of where to pee or poop is detrimental to your upholstery.

Keeping the carpets or rug clean and odor-free for families with carpets and rugs can be challenging as pet pee, and excreta cause long-term harm.

To salvage the mess made by pets on rugs and carpets, homeowners often worsen the condition and cause further damage to them. In a recent interview conducted amongst pet owners, over 50% believe the standard carpet shampooing coupled with carpet steam cleaning can eliminate pet stains and odors. In contrast, this method provides little to no help. In most cases, these cleaning methods can make things worse as they can react with the natural enzymes present in the pet pee and excreta, worsening the smell.

Concerning the offensive odor, several homeowners have sought ways to remove the odor completely from their homes as DIY methods either worsen the smell or provide little help. They have resorted to professional carpet cleaners to help remove the offensive odor. However, the arising question is: Will Professional Carpet Cleaning Remove Pet Odors?

As opposed to many opinions, professional carpet cleaning can remove pet odor. However, it will involve combining one or more cleaning methods and may take a considerable time. In the end, you will be assured of a home free from odor.

How Will this Take Place?

The professional carpet cleaning company will thoroughly investigate the area to be cleaned.

Before any cleaning method is applied, the professional carpet cleaning company will inspect the areas to be cleaned. This is often done by using ultraviolet light that will help expose all the carpet areas with urine deposits. This light is applied as some areas may not be visible to the human space and will often be ignored. This will then reignite a new wave of pet odor in the home.

The carpets are turned to the underneath side.

The professional carpet cleaning company will pull up all the carpet sections and start by cleaning the underneath of these carpets rather than the top. This lopsided cleaning will help the cleaning tools target the buried deposit of compounded pee rather than accessing it from the top.

The use of a hot carbonating extraction process to remove the deposited urine

Most cleaning companies use a hot carbonating extraction process designed to thoroughly remove all the deposits of liquid and urine particles from the carpet. The hot carbonating process uses steam mixed with a sanitizing agent to activate the smell of the deposited urine, soak it up, and then disperse sanitizing liquid to kill off any residing germs on the carpet.

Some professional companies take it a step further by ensuring the cleaning goes down to the carpet pad, floors, and the carpet’s environment to remove any trickling urine deposits that may contribute to the smell. These areas are very small that the normal cleaning process cannot get through. This thorough cleaning ensures every urine deposit is cleaned and removed properly.

Dissipate the smell

A mixture of vinegar and water is sprayed into the environment to combat the offensive odor effectively. This mixture is often used instead of fancy sprays and fragrances because the chemical components of these compounds react with the enzymes of the urine crystals, causing a smell worse than the urine deposit.

Although after spraying these compounds, there is often a temporary relief that lasts for a few minutes to hours. However, the resulting smell after the time elapses is often worse than the initial smell.

Air the carpet

After cleaning, it is advised to air dry the carpet to remove the smell effectively. It can take a few days for the carpet to completely dry, but you are assured of an odorless home when it does. Ensure the carpet dries completely before bringing it in; else, you may risk having a musky smell in your home.

Does steam cleaning work for every pet odor?

Although steam works for most pet odors, other cleaning methods provide immediate relief to let odors in the home.

Bonnet cleaning is another carpet cleaning procedure for per urines on the carpet’s surface. It involves using a special cleaning towel to a cleaning hose to remove the urine deposit. This cleaning method is often used when the urine deposit lasts only for a few hours of days. It does not offer deep cleaning as steam cleaning does, and it is inexpensive.

Dry cleaning can also suffice for homeowners living in humid areas, where steam cleaning cannot be recommended. It offers the same cleaning features as steam cleaning and is perfect in areas where drying a carpet is generally impossible.

However, ensure your professional carpet cleaning company recommends the best cleaning method to remove the odor effectively.

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